'BAYA' African Waist Beads (STRETCH) (L/XL)

'BAYA' African Waist Beads (STRETCH) (L/XL)

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Bring out your inner Goddess and enhance your femininity with these Baya Waist Beads, imported directly Mali!

Traditionally worn by African Women, waist beads (also called Jel-Jelly, Baya, or Bin Bin) have been used all over the continent of Africa for centuries for a variety of different reasons. Some women choose to wear them as a symbol of femininity, promotion of fertility, enhancing sensuality, invoking and promoting spiritual well-being, as well as protection from evil spirits. These beads are also a great indication that weight had been gained or lost,  Countries such as Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, The Ivory Coast, and others have used these belly beads have been a part of these cultures heavily.

The beads are hand strewn on to string material, some styles are stretchy and slip over the body and rest on the waist with ease. Other varieties can be tied around the waist for a long-lasting, secure fit. These particular styles are a part of our Secure collection, made to provide a comfortable fit around the waist. These beads should be removed prior to bathing to preserve its color and material.

In choosing your Waist Beads, please reference the sizing chart below.  Because there are Secure-style, there is less flexibility in the size range than stretch.


Size in Jeans  Size in Baya
00 - 2  XS
4 - 10 S/M
12 - 18 L/XL


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