"Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary."

– Malcolm X

Link to Muso Health from The Mink Link NYC


Here at The Mink Link NYC, we are committed to giving back to our communities! The world is advancing so fast but millions of people are still left without access to adequate education, medical care, food, water, etc. There are so many organizations that we adore, they stand for the advancement of marginalized groups all around the world and that is something that we are dedicated to doing. Our aim is to bring recognition to these foundations in hopes of increasing awareness for the promotion of universal Human Rights. Once a month, we will be making a donation on behalf of all our #DIASPORADOLLS to a foundation that we believe our customer's will appreciate!


Their Story:

"A decade ago a small group of Malians and Americans came together to address the injustices of health and poverty they witnessed around them. Working together out of a converted storage closet, Muso was born. Muso means woman in Bambara, a lingua franca of Mali. A commonly heard Malian proverb asserts, "If you educate a woman, you educate her family, her community and her entire country." Women are considered responsible for protecting the health of their families. 

Muso has grown more than 2,000 fold since our 2005 founding, and local women have been the change-makers in the areas where we operate. Our mission is to eliminate preventable deaths that are rooted in poverty."

For more information about MUSO's mission, click here

As the owner of The Mink Link NYC, I respect and appreciate the work that MUSO Health has done since 2005. I personally chose this organization because Mali is where my family originates from and I have seen how the lack of access to proper health care has damaged families for generations. 

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