How To Apply and Care for your Mink Eyelashes

Eyelashes are EVERYTHING! Added on to your made-up face, they just scream GLAMOROUS. Eyelashes come in sooo many beautiful styles and who doesn't love a lightweight, long-lasting pair of Mink Link Lashes! Here are some application and care instructions I've put together for your Mink Link Lashes, see them below!


  1. Apply one coat of mascara to your own bare upper eyelashes (I said ONE ONLY, Miss 'I-go-H.A.M-on-the-eyes', (yeah I'm talking to you ma'am)
  2.  Using a pair of eyelash tweezers, grip the false eyelashes on the outer edge and gently tug them off the plastic tray.
  3. Apply a clean, even strip of eyelash glue along the line of the false eyelashes that was gripping the tray, take care not to put too much so that it's not dripping down the hairs.
  4. Allow this to dry for about 10 seconds and apply another thin, clean strip along the eyelash line. Allow the layers to try dry for about another 30 seconds, or until it is slightly tacky (to know if the glue is tacky, it should pull like eye boogers when you touch it. Ew, i know but you'll thank me later!).
  5. Gripping the eyelashes between the tweezers, or fingers if you're more comfortable with that, place them on top of your lash line. For beginners, tweezers might work better, you can purchase a pair of tweezers specially made for lash application here.
  6. Allow them to grip as close to your natural lash line as possible, a trick to getting them perfect is to allow them to attach in the middle first. Using your tool of choice (fingers or tweezers, sis!) attach the outer edge of the false lashes to your eyelash line. Repeat this step for the inner eye part of the eyelashes. Allow them to set by gently fanning your face and you're good to go!

*Don't be discouraged if you do not get it perfectly the first time! It just takes a little practice and you'll be a pro in no time, beautiful!


Eyelash Care Do's and Don'ts :

  • DO clean your lashes between about every 5 uses. See how to do this here. 😘.
  • DO protect your Mink Link Lashes by replacing them back in the case when you take them off. This will protect them from all the disgusting things in the world and keep your lashes fresh and pretty for longer.
  • DO try out different styles to see what suits your face. Have fun with your lashes, there are over 12 styles listed on the site!
  • DO apply a coat of mascara on your natural eyelashes BEFORE the application process. I find that this helps you see where to place the eyelashes better, as well as help not to grab on to your eyelash hairs, which makes the process more frustrating.
  • DON'T apply any oils your Mink Link Lashes. This will weigh down the hairs and make them slick, forcing them to stick together.
  • DON'T sleep in your Mink Link Lashes. Let me tell you girl, they are made to laaast, for up to 20x usage. So try to avoid those nights where you're too lazy to take off your make-up (we all have them, I know I do!) and at least tug off the girls.
  • DON'T pull the glue off with your fingers. It's important to select a time to perform the proper care in cleaning your Mink Link Lashes, where you won't be in a rush for class or work and not trying to look like a lil bald eagle. You'll thank me later.
         two black women posing for the mink link nyc