'MESHEE MAGIC' Rosemary & Ginger Hair Growth Set

'MESHEE MAGIC' Rosemary & Ginger Hair Growth Set

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Start your healthy hair journey off right! Meshee Rosemary Ginger Hair Growth Set is formulated to help protect, nourish, and grow natural hair.

Each set comes with:

These products are made with a mixture of 100% All-Natural ingredients such as Olive Oil and Castor Oil to protect your strands and improve your hair's strength. Other lovely ingredients such as Ginger Oil for hair growth, Rosemary Oil for dandruff and inflammation, and real Chamomile Flowers. All serve to battle dandruff and itchiness, promote scalp circulation to encourage hair growth, as well as reduce inflammation. The Ginseng Extract is a key component for preventing hair loss and promoting hair follicle regeneration to prevent balding. Real Horsetail powder is also dispersed into the oils allows for additional hair growth properties.

Meshee Oil is quickly absorbed into the scalp and can be used down the length of your strands to lock in moisture while keeping your strands protected against harsh outer elements.

Meshee Butter can be used for Wash'n'Go's, Braid Outs, Twist Outs, etc as an oil sealant for your hair strands. This can also be used as a braiding agent while installing Cornrows, Box Braids, Twists, Faux Locs, etc. Use sparingly depending on hair's thickness and density so that it does not weigh your hair down.

8oz Jar of Hair Butter, 2oz Oil in a Dropper Bottle, and Edge Tamer Brush

Each product is handmade to order. Please allow up to 1 - 3 days processing time
Nut Allergy: Contains Sweet Almond Oil
For allergy information, please email info@theminklinknyc.com


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