WTF is #RealTalk?


Hey Babes! Since you're here, I bet you're wondering WTF is #REALTALK? Like, "Who does this lash selling b*tch think she is giving a real talk?" And more importantly, "Why am I here?"

Well, I'm here to tell you EXACTLY why! Let's get straight to the point, no bullshitting: The idea behind this blog space is to promote healthy, raw, and real-life dialogue between you, our #DiasporaDolls (like it? no? leave a comment below 😘), and others all over the African Diaspora! Some topics we are going to discussing are current events, culture, beauty, sex, relationships, social media, and anything TF else you lovely readers want to talk about!

The African Diaspora, by definition of our good friend Wikipedia, is: 

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"The African diaspora consists of the worldwide collection of communities descended from native sub-Saharan Africans or people from Sub-Saharan Africa, predominantly in the Americas."

Some countries that are a part of the Diaspora are Brazil which has the largest population of Africans outside of Africa, France, the United Kingdom, Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, etc. For a full list, just google it lmao. Otherwise, check out this real bomb, and quick, video that I found by Youtuber It's Iveoma, here! She explains it so simple and well, I subscribed just for this little video.

Mainly, we are not limited to just stirring up dialogue in these communities, but I want to create an open space where we can educate others about our identities. Our main focus will be #DiasporaBabe topics, but it'll go way beyond that, with your help of course. I

It's about time we control our own narratives, guys! The media has influenced skewed perceptions of our beautiful Diaspora for-EVAHHH (Cardi B voice 💃). It kind of even forces us into these boxes. How many of us have acted in a certain type of way because we thought it was expected of us culturally? I remember being shamed by those damn Nosy-but-Loving African Aunties (if you know then you knowww  👀) for not liking certain African Foods like Okra Stew, being told that I'm not a real African. Like uh-kay, Sis!! 

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It's like a domino effect that started becoming even more popular over 80 years ago with that trash-ass movie Birth of a Nation (sorry not sorry, I said what I said!) and those god-forsaken 'Mammy' movies. Black people have this ugly cloud of unsavory media depictions following us wherever we go, no matter how hard we fight to be recognized for more. You'll always hear about Future and his latest babymother #4678, before you hear about the latest in Black Excellence. Depending on whom you ask, social media has helped us begin to control our narratives at a mass level. Like hashtags, we are able to connect with others that share the same interests. #SnappleFacts!

There are so many things that are of importance in our communities and you can find them, in the comments of IG and Black Twitter. Welll, OUR comment section doesn't have a limit, boo. We are unfiltered, only pure, hateful nonsense will be removed. Otherwise, its NO FILTER over here 🙅!! I mean, we all spend hours on end using our phones, why not connect with some other Boss Babes like you?

Submit a topic here if you're feeling bold, or comment one below!

BTW: We also have a Mental Health Corner where you can talk to me one-on-one to get advice, share some news, or just have an open ear to listen to you rant and rave about whatever sucks right now. Check it out here: Mental Health Corner .

That was that! I'll see you back here soon! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😘.  

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